It is tempting to think "this world is crazy and out of control" but each era has always felt that its own madness was unprecedented.

When all this becomes too heavy, it is good to turn to G.K. Chesterton, who saw and described the world as it is. A few lines of Chesterton are enough to find a semblance of reason.

1) Our civilization has rightly considered that the conviction of guilt or innocence is too important a matter to be entrusted to specialists. Tremendous Trifles

2) When a man says that democracy makes no sense because most people are idiots, hit him gently and precisely on the tip of his nose. Illustrated London News (ILN), 1905

3) Democracy is voting for those people who would never have had the gall to govern and (according to Christian ethics), the people who must govern are precisely those who do not have the gall to do so. Tremendous Trifles

4) A new philosophy is often in practice the exaltation of an old vice. —ILN, 1906

5) Men speak of philosophy and theology as if it were something reserved for specialists and academics. But philosophy and theology are not only democratic fields, they are so vulgar [...]. "G. F. Watts"

6) There are a hundred newspapers, but only about five news items. —ILN 1926

7) The faster the journalist goes, the slower he thinks.Our newspapers are being delivered faster and faster, but less and less worthy of delivery - Eugenics and Other Evils

8) Pride is a weakness; it dries up laughter, wonder, courtesy and energy. Heretics

9) If people cannot look after their own affairs, it is no more economical to pay them to look after the affairs of others; it is a bit like watering a plant with a garden hose while holding an umbrella to protect it from the rain - The Superstition of Divorce.

10) When you choose something, you reject everything else. Orthodoxy

11) Why is it a great career to teach other people's children the rule of three, and a small career to talk to your own children of the universe? What's Wrong With the World?

12) Our fathers instinctively knew all that we know today because of the information. Sidelights.

13) We do not want a religion that is right when we are right. We want a religion that is right when we are wrong - The Church and Conversion

14) Having the right to do something does not mean being right to do it. A Short History of England

15) The good is good even if no one does it. Mistakes are mistakes, even if everyone is wrong. All Things Considered

16) The real advice I would give to a young journalist is this: write an article for the Sporting Times and another for the Church Times and reverse the envelopes... -Autobiography

17) A woman who cooks... can introduce a personal and imperceptible variation to the composition of her soup. On the other hand, a notary is not encouraged to introduce a personal and imperceptible variation in the figures in a register. All Things Considered

18) It is easy to be heavy: difficult to be light. Satan followed the laws of gravity. —Orthodoxy

19) Man is an exception [...]. No animal has ever invented anything as distressing as being drunk, nor anything as amazing as drinking. —ILN 1907

20) The self is further than any star. -Orthodoxy.