Ex .Human Trafficking Awareness for the Hospitality Industry


Ex .Human Trafficking Awareness for the General Public

Ex . Human Trafficking Awareness for the Restaurant Industry

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About This Course


Human trafficking—modern day slavery—occurs in nearly every country in the world, and every state in the U.S. It also happens in the San Francisco Bay Area on a daily basis. This course provides a basic training on the issue, aiming to educate individuals on how to spot it and what to do about it in their own communities. It is designed for employees, managers, and patrons of restaurants and hotels, with a separate version for each group.

In this training we discuss the definition of human trafficking, its prevalence, and the places and industries in which it occurs. We examine whom it affects and the techniques used to force people into service and hold them there. The training will equip you with the tools to help fight human trafficking, including the red flags that may indicate a person has been trafficked, and what to do when you suspect a possible case.

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There are no prerequisites to take this course. It assumes no previous knowledge of human trafficking.