Kel­ly was lied to, lied about, bul­lied, used, exploit­ed, and near­ly ruined finan­cial­ly. In the end, she bare­ly escaped with her life. #BigFer­til­i­ty — it tru­ly is all about the money.


Kel­ly Mar­tinez served as a sur­ro­gate moth­er for three dif­fer­ent cou­ples and was threat­ened with finan­cial ruin after near­ly dying dur­ing her third sur­ro­ga­cy. But each of her sur­ro­ga­cy jour­neys had a price to pay. Kelly’s sto­ry exem­pli­fies every­thing that is wrong with the dis­tort­ed ver­sion of fer­til­i­ty med­i­cine that is #BigFer­til­i­ty — a glob­al indus­try that preys upon peo­ple in need. It tru­ly is all about the money.

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#BigFer­til­i­ty is one of the most impor­tant films you will ever see. Think sur­ro­ga­cy is a ‘right’ for the women doing it? Believe that every­one has the ‘right’ to their own bio­log­i­cal child? Con­vinced that sur­ro­ga­cy can be reg­u­lat­ed? Watch this dystopi­an tale and be hor­ri­fied and edu­cat­ed to the real­i­ties of this human rights violation.
— Julie Bindel, jour­nal­ist, fem­i­nist cam­paign­er, and author of The Pimp­ing of Pros­ti­tu­tion: Abol­ish­ing the Sex Work Myth (2017)

Like Big Tobac­co and Big Phar­ma, Big Fer­til­i­ty is what hap­pens when an indus­try inten­tion­al­ly disregards—and indeed attempts to dis­tract from—the harm it inflicts on its cus­tomers in the pur­suit of prof­it. In all the slick mar­ket­ing around sur­ro­ga­cy there is nev­er any men­tion of the real and seri­ous poten­tial health risks to the young women who serve as ‘ges­ta­tion­al carriers.