Reli­gious in Europe Net­work­ing Against Traf­fick­ing and Exploita­tion. RENATE is a Euro­pean net­work of reli­gious com­mit­ted to work togeth­er against human traf­fick­ing and exploita­tion. The mem­bers of RENATE are peo­ple belong­ing to var­i­ous con­gre­ga­tions, mis­sion­ary soci­eties and laity who are focused on this issue. The mem­bers are work­ing, along­side so many oth­er organ­i­sa­tions around the world, to erad­i­cate mod­ern-day slav­ery. At present RENATE is rep­re­sent­ed in twen­ty sev­en Euro­pean coun­tries. This num­ber grows as new peo­ple from oth­er Euro­pean coun­tries request to become new mem­bers of RENATE.